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I had counselling with Andrea. She was brilliant and very professional. Andrea helped me understand what was going on and why.She helped me put in coping mechanisms and plans to work on day to day.


I saw Andrea for help with my needle phobia. Andrea was very professional and caring. She instantly put me at ease and I found her hypnotherapy sessions very calming and relaxing. Andrea also gave me printed sheets with ideas to practice at home. I found these useful in dealing with my anxiety. Andrea is a very kind and caring person and instantly put me at ease and didn't make me feel embarrassed....Thankyou


Lovely relaxing experience with Andrea having Hypnotherapy, would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a bit of time to themselves, or anyone who has a particular goal they want to achieve. Andrea goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.


I have had several years of bad back pain due to slipped discs going back 20 years so give Andrea and hypnotherapy a try, was never going to cure pain but for that hour made me feel very comfortable and pain free, it was like getting your brain massaged by Andrea's voice an all round nice experience.


I had counselling with Andrea as I was recognising past signs of my depression and anxiety returning. With Andrea's help i was able to quite quickly put in place techniques to help. What helped was Andrea's calmness, kindness and giving me time to speak or be silent during the sessions. The sessions were very successful and am still using them to this day.


I decided to see Andrea after many years of of unsuccessful CBT. I knew that I needed to work on trying to reconnect myself to emotions, to stop disconnecting and masking feelings with anger and to try and stop my obsessive negative thinking. From the moment I stepped into my first session I immediately felt at ease and more importantly, safe. You can't not with Andrea. She has that calm, empathetic and understanding personality that makes you feel like you can say anything. Over the course of our sessions, Andrea provided me with some techniques and strategies that I still use - the main one being 5 questions I ask myself when I am thinking or worrying about something. The main thing with Andrea that I really liked is that she challenged me and my thinking. She always dug a bit deeper. Another powerful exercise was some letter writing that she asked me to do. It had such an impact on my life. It freed me. I can cry and know that it is OK. I will stop and I know longer live with things weighing me down. For that, I will be forever grateful to Andrea and why I would wholeheartedly recommend her counselling/hypnotherapy/CBT.


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